Need a quality source for used Aeronca parts?

Sam's Airparts might just have the quality used part your looking for.  Let Sam give you a head start on completing your dream plane like he's been helping hundreds of other customers over the past ten years.  Although Sam's Airparts specializes in "Champion" Aeronca 7AC parts mainly, parts for other light aircraft are available as well.   You can view a brief listing of what parts we have on the parts page.

We BUY & TRADE parts too!

contact Sam at: or
520-623-2430 (days)  or  520-888-3215 (evenings)
mention you found us via the web site, we'd love to know

Aeroncas being restored at our facility

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Aeronca 7AC Champ we recently finished

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more L-16 Greenhouse Conversion & Frames For Sale
(updated 8-5-01)

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